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Viral good looking priest says photos not edited but 'yours truly is old!'

 Fr. Ferdinand "Ferdi" Santos, a Filipino priest who have been making rounds on social media clarified on a Facebook post that photos of him were not edited but that was old photos of him.

Fr. Santos has set the record straight when he posted the latest photo of him and told the people talking about him that he is already old.

" Ladies and gentlemen, your truly is old! And dang proud of it!!!" 

According to him, the photos people have drawn from his social media platform  span 17 years, but said it was not edited.

" I don't have the sophistication or the time to waste to do that kind of work. So please don't expect to see or meet my 30+ year old self.

"I've been a Roman Catholic priest for 22 amazing years and I've been happy and fulfilled in every single one of them. It's a truly blessed life, because one is able to help people, to bring them to God, and to be a reminder to them, and to the whole world, that there's so much more to life than constantly running after things that will never fully satisfy us no matter how much of them we amass for ourselves," Fr. Santos wrote.

His photos were going viral on social media over the weekend due to his good looks, others were skeptical and claimed his photos were edited.

Fr. Santos is not just a professor of philosophy and theology, he is also a certified fitness coach who gave up the prestigious position as Rector at the St. John Vianney Seminary in Florida to work in depressed parishes.

He is now in Manila for a month now, he arrived last July 30 but revealed he was tested positive for COVID-19. He is now fully recovered.

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