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Russian woman gets 21 babies by surrogate in one year, but she wants more!

 Kristina Ozturk, 24, has welcomed her 21 babies through surrogate in just over a year.  But according to her, she and her millionaire husband are discussing to having more than 100 biological children, according to the Daily Mail.

Photo credits: Batumi_mama / Instagram

However, currently they going to a pause on their goal since their newly arrived children are still young.

The couple have so far paid to surrogates at €168,000 between March 2020 and July this year. Ozturk, who also has a six-year-old daughter from former relationship said, she's still a hands on mother' despite spending $115,000 every year to 16 live-in nannies.

Photo credits: Batumi_mama / Instagram

"I'm with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do," she told Fabulous.

Photo credits: Batumi_mama / Instagram

The couple said they used surrogate mothers because they wanted to have as many children as quickly possible. Their first child Mustafa born March 10, 2020 while the youngest of the recent addition has joined the 21sth child together Judy, is just three months old.

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