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Thyroid cancer patient finished Top 10 in the October 2021 Forester Licensure Examination

 Keano Reeves Collado, a graduate at Caraga State University was among the top ten passers in the recently concluded October 2021 Forester Licensure Exam with a score of 89.60%. At least 443 of the 761 examinees passed this year's exam, based on the result released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Photo credits: Keano Reeves Collado / Facebook

Despite requirements of the course, board review, and cancer treatment, he was able to managed to be a topnotcher thanks to his positive reminder in life: "Just because I am sick, it does not mean I am incapable."

“When I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Thyroid Cancer, I accepted and acknowledged the fact that I am sick. But at the same time I wanted to think that I am more than my illness. I want to think that I can do more despite my condition,” Collado said.

He was also enrolled as an engineering student, but had to stop in his fourth year, due to his family's financial situation.

Collado started working as a call center in Makati City for six months, then fell ill and returned back to his home province.

View result: October 2021 Forester Licensure Examination Result

He was diagnosed with stage 2 thyroid cancer.  After five days he underwent a 13-hour surgery.

His mother told him that he could no longer speak after the surgery. "At that time moment, everything just felt hopeless. I had a lot of question and what its in my mind. But God indeed works in mysterious ways," Collado continued.

"I was able to mumble words. That moment, I felt like I was a toddler who just learned to speak his first word."

Collado said he forced himself a year into cancer treatment to go back to school and study forestry.

He graduated last August despite battling cancer for almost four years.

“Everyday, I would always talk to God and ask him to give me enough strength. Every morning, I would thank Him for waking me up and giving me another day to enjoy life,” Collado said.

He only had one request to God: “Lord, this coming Board Exam, I will only accept Top Notcher.”

“It’s funny because I did not pray that I just wanted to pass the exams, but instead, I prayed that I wanted to be one of the Top Notchers. Because I knew from the beginning, it was my goal. It was my goal, not for myself, but for my parents and those people who believed in me,” Collado said.

He said his battle isn't yet over. But he thanked his famuly, classmates, and friends for the never ending support.

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