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Establishments can deny entry of individuals who remain unvaccinated starting Dec. 1

 Better to get the COVID-19 vaccine or else you can be denied entering to any business establishments starting December. The Inter-Agency Task Force said on Friday that it approved the mandatory vaccination of eligible on-site workers.

As the government aims to step up the country's vaccination effort against COVID-19, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque had this to say on Friday, November 12.

"Public and private establishments may validly refuse entry and/or deny service to individuals who remain to be unvaccinated, or are merely partially vaccinated, despite being eligible for vaccination." 

Photo credits: Bacolod PIO / Facebook

"In areas where there are sufficient supplies of COVID-19 vaccines, COVID-19 vaccination of eligible employees tasked to do on-site work shall be required by all establishments and employers in the public and private sector."

"Eligible employees who remain unvaccinated may not be terminated but they shall be required to undergo regular RT-PCR testing, or antigen tests, at their own expense."

" Eligible workers on public transportation sector should be fully vaccinated for their operations to continue."

"Frontline and emergency service, on the other hand, shall continue to render assistance to all persons, regardless of vaccinations status."

"Workers who will be vaccinated during work hours shall not be considered absent upon sufficient proof of a confirmed vaccination schedule."

"Local Government Units (LGUs) are strongly enjoined to issue orders or ordinances providing incentives for fully vaccinated individuals, and for business establishments to require proof of vaccination before individuals and/or entities may undertake or qualify for certain activities."

He clarified that only the presentation of a medical clearance issued by a government health office or birth certificate shall serve as sufficient and valid proof of ineligibility for vaccination.

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