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Nadine Lustre says it took her a long time to get through the heartbreak when she breakup James Reid

 Nadine Lustre is now ready to go from heartbreak to a colorful new world saying, it took her over a year to process by herself during the lockdown.

In a podcast hosted by Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Jim Bacarro, the 28-yar-old singer/actress discuss about her stance on politics to her recovery from heartaches.

Nadine was candid about getting taking such a long time to get over a long-time relationship.

"You know what, it took a while before I got over it. I was pretty much in limbo for more than a year. I guess one piece of advice is just to take your time. I mean it's not that wounds heal that easily. It will take time, but it's super worth it in the end," she said. 

No names was mentioned during the episode but the reference was pretty transparent, she really opened up about the dissolution of her past relationship with James Reid.

"There were times na parang, I was like, you know, I wish this would still work out. You're still there, you're still not over the relationship. But I was aware that it was slowly going away," Nadine continued.

"Be with yourself muna for a while and learn to do things on your own. I feel like because you've grown with another person, you guys are growing together, I feel like it's high time that you grow on your own."

She also shared about the time she knew that she has already moved on. "At first, it was hard for me, because I was like, this couldn't go away because I still want to be with that person, and one day I just woke up and I told my friend 'you know what, it's just not there anymore."

"But when I realized that, and when I decided to put myself first, it just went out the window."

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