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Janella Salvador Set To Play Valentina In 'DARNA' TV Series

 Janella Salvador is set to embrace a darker role in the upcoming TV series, alongside Jane de Leon as 'Darna'.

That's because she will going to portray the Filipino supervillain 'Valentina', known for its snake-haired nemesis from the original comic book series of Mars Ravelo's, Darna.

"I'm very honored to be chosen among the many different actresses who auditioned for this role," said Salvador. "I promise to live up to everyone's expectations but also make it my own."

Director Chito S. Roño chose Salvador as also a first time to take on the role of such Filipino classic character. 

It's Salvador's TV comeback, after she took a break from showbiz to give birth to her son Jude in October 2020 with Markus Paterson in the United Kingdom.

The TV series has finally started taping last Monday, Nov. 15, after delays in production. But the premiere date for 'Darna: TV Series' has yet to be announced.  

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