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 While 2021 could be the year of breakups, still there are some who stayed strong and proved that love truly can last a lifetime. LizQuen could be one of the few couple in the industry who go through life hand-in-hand despite all the difficulties.

During a virtual chat on Kumu's The Best Talk, Soberano hinted that she could easily say 'Yes' if her boyfriend Enrique Gil pops the question on bended knees.

When the topic is seemingly off-limits and the actress was asked what would be he response if her boyfriend will proposed to her.

Liza in her reply said: "I can answer that so easily, yes!" she declared in smile, sending fans into a frenzy.

The two recently celebrated their seventh anniversary at The Farm at San Benito in Batangas, "it was great. It was a huge milestone for us. I mean, every year is a huge milestone. We were really reflecting on our younger days, I would say," she said.

"We are reminiscing about Forevermore, where we got to first meet each other. And we were just thinking about how much we have grown individually and together. It;s such a beautiful thing to think about." 

Soberano revealed that they often talk about marriage, "even not on our anniversary."

"I think it was more about what we want to do in the future, like in the years to come. It was more about planning on what's in store for next year or what we wish or hope for in our relationship like in the next five years," she added.

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