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Three friends Top the October 2021 Physician Licensure Exam

 The October 2021  physician licensure exam is extra special to these three good friends who made it to the top two highest places in recently concluded PRC board exam.

They are the graduates from the University of the Philippines-Manila. Ian Juyad is the top 1 with a score of 87.5%, while other friends Jian Kenzo Ong Leal and Geremiah Edison Daniel Cosia Llanes at top 2 with 87.42% average scores.

In an interview with Ian in "24 Oras," he said they were praying with his family while waiting for the result when he got messages that he topped the exam.

View result: October-November 2021 Physician Licensure Exam Result

Everyone in the family jump for joy after learning the good news from his girlfriend, who also passed the exam.

Ian, plans to teach and has no plans to work abroad. "As a scholar, sa kanila po galing ito, so we have to really give back. It's out duty," he said.

In separate post on his social media account, Ian said: "Right before the start of the exam, just as I was cramming last minute pieces of information into my head, I received a text message. It was my lola. “Ian, you can study everything. But if you do not pray, you will not get it.” I was stunned. It seemed so foreboding. I followed my lola. I prayed, and did nothing more after that. And that got me through the four-day board exams."

Meanwhile, Geremiah and Jian who made it to the top two was also surprised and thankful to what they achieved.

Geremiah: "As in hindi ako makapaniwala kaming tatlong magkakaibigan 'yung nasa top two na spots."

Jian: "The fact na hindi lang po ako, na kasama ko si Jed at si Ian doon sa top ba, parang nag-times two ot times three 'yung saya." 

1,677 out of 2,302 examinees passed the October 2021 Physician Licensure Exam, according to the Professional Regulation Commission.

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