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 A disappointed Tesla car owner from Finland decided to detonate his electric car after learning that a replacement of battery would cost him $22,500, according to auto evolution website.

To express his dissatisfaction, Tuomas Katainen, blew up his 2013 Tesla S Model 2012 with 66lbs of dynamite with Elon Musk doll in the driver seat.

Testa covers battery replacement under warranty if the capacity drops below 70% within 150,000 miles or eight years of purchase. This is not the first time it happened, some owners are being left with large repair bills from tesla as their batteries lose power. 

Footage shows a  vlogger strapping his motor with sticks of dynamite before Tuomas pressed the button, and a huge fireball immerged.

In the Pommijätkät Youtube video, Tuomas said: 'When I bought that Tesla, the first 1,500 km were nice, it was an excellent car so far before errors started to show up and the car stopped functioning.

'The was about a month in a Tesla dealer's workshop and finally I got a call that they can't do anything for my car, the only option is to change the whole battery cell.

'The cost would be at least Euro 20,000 [£17,000] and permission for the operation has to be asked from Tesla.

'So I told them that I'm going to explode the whole car away because apparently there was no guarantee or anything.'

Before denoting the motor, he joked: 'So now we are in a point where there is bombs attached on a car and Tesla is ready to go.'

The Tesla S model 2012 cost between about £37,000 to £67,000 when it was released. 

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