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 Winwyn Marquez, 29, is expecting first child with her non-showbiz partner. 

On Saturday, December 18, the Kapauso actress announced her pregnancy via vlog her titled "The Start of a New Chapter" on her YouTube channel.

Winwyn expressed joy and excitement over the good news, saying that she and her partner has been waiting for right time to share it to the public.

"We’re so happy. Me and my partner are so happy. We’re over the moon. I’m so excited for this part of our life and for this chapter to start," she said

“It’s such a good Christmas gift for me and my partner, for my family,  for my parents. I’m so excited. We are so excited to meet our little bundle of joy soon. That’s the surprise and news I wanted to share sa inyo,” she added. 

Prior to her announcement, the actress shared a short clip on Instagram hinting the reason why she had to take a break from her work.

“I am very fortunate that my GMA family has been very supportive of my decision and that my health and my baby’s well-being are a priority,” she said. 

She admitted that she feel scared and nervous on how she will deal with it while working for Metro Manila Film Festival official entry, Nelia.

“I am super happy for this blessing at this special time in my life, I am still getting used to the changes in my body but I am excited that in a few months we will meet our little baby.  Please pray for our little family and pray that everything will be safe.” 

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