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This 25-year-old woman from Makati resigned from her full-time job after opening the fourth branch of her coffee shop in BF Homes, Parañaque, .

She started her small business 'But First Coffee' in a condominium amid the pandemic in August 2020. After a year she was able to expand her coffee shop business. She now has  14 branches nationwide. She earns P15K-P20K everyday in her branch.

Anna Herman Magalona started with an initial capital of P6,000 and did the planning and experimentation inside her rented condominium. She did not bother to start a small business even with the rising cases of COVID-19 at that time.

"Everything was very uncertain in those days. I personally felt that uncertainty. So i used that uncertainty as a motivation to make something, to build something that would catch me if I anything fails in my career," she told Philippine Star.

Anna, as a coffee lover enjoyed the process of crafting the perfect blend for her costumers. However, she had a hard time finding the right market at first as friends and family are her only customers.

Then she develop her business strategy by investing more on marketing, ran social media ads and offered free delivery to customers. Finally, Anna was able to find partners and among the 14 branches of their partnered coffee shop, she owns five of them and the rest were franchised by others.

Anna has this words of encouragement to those who will start their business or those who have yet started.

-The beginning is always the hardest. Never give up.

-If you can spend thousands of pesos shopping, you can also invest that money for your dream business. 

-Don’t leave your extra money in the bank. Invest it.

-There will always be a lot of failures before you eventually find what’s truly for you. Before, I sold bangus, wallets, bikinis, tops, dresses. It just felt that it wasn’t for me. You will feel it if it’s meant for you when you decided to commit and pursue it regardless.

-Working over time on your business can make you earn more rather than working over time for another company. 

-Having to help people by offering jobs is one of the greatest feeling — the self fulfillment I’ve been longing for.

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