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 An anti-war protester has interrupted a live Russian TV news when she showed up with a sign behind a studio presenter with slogans that reads: "NO WAR. STOP THE WAR. DON'T BELIEVE PROPAGANDA. THEY ARE LYING TO YOU HERE." Another phrase, which appeared "Russians against war," was partly obscured.

The incident comes on the 19th day of the war which was started Feb. 24, when President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

It could be seen and heard the protester for several seconds behind a newscaster before the channel switched off to remove her off the camera.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the protester in his nightly address to the world video.

"I am grateful to those Russians who do not stop trying to convey the truth. To those who fight disinformation and tell the truth, real facts to their friends and loved ones," Zelensky said. "And personally to the woman who entered the studio of Channel One with a poster against the war."

Kira Yarmysh, spokeswoman for jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, wrote on Twitter: "Wow, that girl is cool."

She posted a video of the incident, which quickly racked up more than 2.6 million views.

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