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 Samsung revealed that hackers have successfully stolen internal company data and Galaxy devices source code.

“We were recently made aware that there was a security breach relating to certain internal company data. Immediately after discovering the incident, we strengthened our security system.

"According to our initial analysis, the breach involves some source codes relating to the operation of Galaxy devices but does not include the personal information of our consumers or employees. Currently, we do not anticipate any impact to our business or customers. 

"We have implemented measures to prevent further such incidents and will continue to serve our customers without disruption,” Samsung said in a statement.

According to a report by Bleeping Computer, the South American hacker group Lapsus$ is responsible for the hacking. The group made headlines for hacking Nvidia and releasing 20GB of data (from 1TB stolen) a week ago.

Report says hackers claim the data includes the source code for Knox. this is Samsung's security platform for corporate data used on all its Galaxy devices.

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