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 The Warner Bros. film "The Batman" earned a whopping $128.5 million on its box office debut this weekend from 4,417 North American theaters. 

The three-hour movie reboot starring Robert Pattinson as Gotham's brooding caped crusader, is the second pandemic-era movie to cross the $100 million mark in a single weekend - following "Spider-Man: No Way Home" which earned $260 million in December.

People are talking about their reviews to social media, with one said: "Just finished seeing THE BATMAN in IMAX for the fifth time now, this time bringing the entire family & they all clapped at the end. They loved it so much. 

"I am so in love with this world that Matt Reeves created. I don’t think a trilogy is enough."

Another comment: "Between his scores for the entire Spider-Man: Home trilogy and The Batman, Michael Giachinno is cementing himself as one of my favorite composers, as if the Incredibles didn't do that already."

"I would love this to be longer than a trilogy but there is a quote from Pattinson and it was like he will do as many as fans want, he talked to reeves about doing a trilogy and while that can be seen as more than that, he hasn’t said anything that I know of past trilogy."

"I’ve seen it 3 times saw an early screening on Wednesday, then Friday Night & last night in 4D. I intend to go a 4th round this Wednesday with some little brothers who are very excited to see it. Maybe I’ll see it 5-6 times and I’ll have had my fill."

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