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 Actor Tom Rodriguez and actress Carla Abellana have gotten divorced after 7 years being a partner.  The couple got married in October 2021, and later reported that Abellana was preparing for her annulment with the actor.

In an interview with Nelson Canlas on "24 Oras," Friday, Rodriguez revealed that he and Abellana's "divorce decree is final." 

"I truly wish Carla's birthday wish be granted and that she finds the happiness she is searching for," he said.

Rodriguez, 34, said: "I (he) left for the US last March 13, with the realization that despite all my efforts, Carla had already given up on our marriage."

Rodriguez's statement came after Abellana revealed that she was disrespected, betrayed, and lied to by the actor.

His statement says he did not physically hurt Abellana during their relationship.

" I will no longer dwell on the reasons why our marriage fell apart. So many lives have been said of me which are completely untrue and utterly unfair. I may have fallen short as a partner, especially when I lost all my money to someone who prayed on my gullibility, but it must be stressed that at no time did I ever leave a hand on Carla."

"I have accepted her decision that it is time to move forward, independent from each other. I have to teach myself how to fall out of love from her. This will be a lonely, painful path that I shall take."

Rodriguez, who is an American citizen can file for divorce and can only recognized in the Philippines when the court approves a petition of recognition of foreign divorce decree.

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