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 While Facebook announced that it will remove its live shopping feature on October 1, sellers are hoping that business will continue as usual.

Facebook first launched live shopping in 2018 which let users offer and sell products to an audience will be no longer allowed anymore, instead, to shift focus to Reels. Meta announced in a blog post

However, Facebook said, it will allow users "to use Facebook Live to broadcast live events, but you won't be able to create product playlist or tag products in your Facebook Live videos."

"As consumers viewing behaviors are shifting to short-form video, we are shifting our focus to Reels on Facebook and Instagram, Meta's short-form video product," it added.

"Live Shopping," most commonly known as "live selling" in the Philippines, has changed the game for businesses since it became well known on social media.

People can simply watch live selling sessions and comment "mine, steal, or grab" on the products they want to buy.

During the pandemic live selling increased by 95%, and streamers all over the country continued to rake in thousands of pesos every day.

Meta suggested that "If you want to reach and engage people through video, try experimenting with Reels and Reels ads on Facebook and Instagram." 

"You can also tag products in Reels on Instagram to enable deeper discovery and consideration."

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