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Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano uploaded a vlg on Jessy's Youtube channel. Before the revelation, they posted a teaser for the gender revelation of the baby.

On the released video on Jessy's Youtube channel titled "GENDER REVEAL: IS BABY PEANUT BOY OR GIRL?", they will be expecting a baby 'GIRL'. 

The couple started with Jessy leaning toward a Team Boy while on the other side Luis wore pink for Team Girl. 

When Jessy revealed their baby's gender, she shared her emotions after finding out she will be having a baby girl. 

“I’m just really, really happy and I’m sure she’s happy right now kasi nung nag-sa-scan kami naka-smile na siya agad. I’m just really so excited. Sobrang happy namin kasi more than the gender, we’re really happy na si Peanut is very, very healthy. Sobrang natutuwa kami kasi ang dami naming kasama sa journey na ito. So thank you so much for being with us and sana continuously samahan niyo kami sa aming journey.”, Jessy expressed.

Luis added, “First and foremost, it’s always the priority is for Peanut to be healthy regardless of the gender. But mommy and I will do our best to raise you, for you to be a blessing to other people. So ngayon pa lang Peanut, alam mo na ha? Wala munang lalabas. Ang puwede ka lang lumabas pag-nine months. After that, no more na (laughs). Thank you so much, Peanut, and ngayon pa lang, we love you very much.”

The gender-reveal party was attended by Lui's mom Vilma Santos-Recto who gave expressed her excitement for her eldest son and for the upcoming grandchild. 

“I guess we’re also blessed because Peanut is coming and anak, I’ve been waiting for this for so long. You know that. And even the time when you got married I said, ‘Sige na anak, kahit nung hindi pa kinakasal sabi ko sige na anak. Puwede isunod na lang natin, to follow na lang yung kasal (laughs).’ But you’re not getting any younger.

“We’re all excited for Peanut and we’re all praying for Peanut. And the way things are going, Peanut is healthy. I’m just praying, anak, because this time, as I was telling you a while ago, this time it’s not husband and wife anymore. You’re going to be mommy and daddy, wholistic na ito, family na ito. So I’m looking forward for a more meaningful life as a family. So I wish you good luck. We’re all here. We’re all rooting for Peanut and we will always pray for you both and yung coming family niyong dalawa. I love you both. I love you Lucky and this time I love you Jessy and I love you Peanut!”

Before the end of the said vlog, Luis and Jessy also asked their YouTube subscribers to help them think of a name for their baby and told them to send their suggestions in the comment section. 

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