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 Filipino journalist and radio commentator Julius Babao was disappointed at a pizza restaurant chain when he noticed the pizza served had plastic.

In the uploaded video on the journalist's Facebook account, he shared his weirdest experience.  He saw the pizza was mixed with plastic when he was about to eat.

"Guys, our pizza ordered from Shakey's has arrived. This is our weirdest experience, guys, no. Topped with cheese, this or. That's why it's hard, kako, I was slicing him earlier. I said, 'It looks like there's plastic?' So when I lifted it now, guys, there's plastic inside, see?" said Julius when he lifted the pizza to reveal the supposed plastic.

He said there is plastic, then the dough is underneath, on top, they put the cheese on the plastic."

"It's good that the plastic didn't melt, it didn't go with the cheese, but we ate the cheese in addition to the plastic. Hey, what the hell is that, Shakey's? What's going on with you guys?” Julius asked in dismay.

Many encouraged the couple to file a formal complaint to re-assure the quality of their product.

Pizza resto responded to Julius Babao's complaint about pizza, cooked with plastic on it.

"Our sincerest apologies Mr. Julius Babao. Rest assured that we are currently undergoing a thorough and fair investigation regarding this unfortunate incident. We appreciate you responding to our message and taking our call. We commit to making this right for you. Thank you.”

Netizens commented on this and said that the pizza parlor should check the quality of their product before serving it.

"Thank you for raising this with us. Please be advised that our team is already on top of this. Thank you for understanding," they replied.

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