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 Experts have sounded alarm over a new illness that is emerging in India. Tomato Flu was first identified in India on May 6, they commonly called it as a new typr of hand, foot ad mouth disease. 

At least there are 82 children were infected with cases that have been found in Kerala and Odisha. 

The name of the disease came after the red blisters appeared in the patients body that gradually enlarge to the size of a tomato, according to Lancet.

"Although the tomato flu virus shows symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 (both are associated with fever, fatigue, and bodyaches initially, and some patients with COVID-19 also report rashes on the skin), the virus is not related to SARS-CoV-2," it said.

"Tomato flu could be an after-effect of chikungunya or dengue fever in children rather than a viral infection.3,  4 The virus could also be a new variant of the viral hand, foot, and mouth disease, a common infectious disease targeting mostly children aged 1–5 years and immunocompromised adults, and some case studies have even shown hand, foot, and mouth disease in immunocompetent adults.5 Tomato flu is a self-limiting illness and no specific drug exists to treat it," it added.

"The primary symptoms observed in children with tomato flu are similar to those of chikungunya, which include high fever, rashes, and intense pain in joints."

"As with other viral infections, further symptoms include, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, dehydration, swelling of joints, body aches, and common influenza-like symptoms, which are similar to those manifested in dengue."

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