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 At least 200 whales were spotted dead and dozens were rescued at a beach of Tasmania this week.

Bodies of pilot whales were found stranded in the long stretched beach coast on Wednesday, and rescue efforts are ongoing to save other whales.

Local were seen covering some creatures with blankets and splashed them with seawater to keep them alive until they will push back on waters.

“We have got about 35 surviving animals out on the beach and the primary focus this morning will be on the rescue and release of these animals,” said state wildlife operations manager, Brendon Clark.

Adding that still they do have "high mortality rate on this stranding."

“We are primarily focused this morning on really getting into that rescue operation and getting [the whales] released,” Brendon Clark of the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service told the Australia Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday.

This handout photo taken on September 20, 2022 and received on September 21 from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania shows the carcasses pilot whales beached on Macquarie Harbour, in Tasmania. – “A pod of approximately 230 whales has stranded,” said the state’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Photo by HANDOUT / various sources / AFP

Usually they wade into the water using harnesses to float the mammals into deeper waters, but officials said a new technique will also be tested, using an aquaculture firm's mechanical aid.

They will bring the mammals into the deep and clear waters by there vessel to avoid new stranding.

Authorities on Thursday said that that there are 35 of the 230 cetaceans on Ocean Beach had survived. 

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