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Thirty-one kindergarten pupils were happily welcomed by teacher Lyka Joy Antonio Alveza of Caroan Elementary School.

Fifteen of them attend the morning class and sixteen attend the afternoon class according to teacher Lyka.

As a second parent, the teacher is said to be responsible not only for teaching the students but also for their safety inside the school.

This is also what teacher Lyka thought when one of her students ran away from class to go home.

The teacher chased the pupil from the school. Teacher Lyka said, she borrowed a motorcycle from her fellow teacher, ma'am Roselyn Campano, who also took the said video.

It took 300 meters away from the school down to the road of chasing the said five-year-old kindergarten pupil named Kyrie.

Several times the teacher persuaded the child to return to school. But, it seems the child is hesitant and doesn't want to. That's why they just accompanied him to his home.

"Dali-dali po namin hinabol ang bata kasi nag-alala na po kami noon baka mapano po yung bata sa daan," said teacher Lyka as she was interviewed by Balitang Amianan news. 

According to the teacher's story, it was a few minutes soon as the child arrived at school that he thought about going home. Kyrie is just hyper-energetic as explained.


"Kailangang ipadama sa mga bata na mahalaga sila, na hindi nakakatakot pumasok sa school, na naiintindihan ng mga guro ang kanilang mga nararamdaman. In this way, ma momotivate pumasok at mag-aral," added teacher Lyka.

"Kailangan nating maipakita ang mahabang pasensya at pang-unawa. Hindi natin kailangang paluin,pagalitan o di kaya takutin kasi nasa separation stage pa lamang siya from home to school," added by ma'am Roselyn Campano a Grade Six teacher who took the said video.

A child's sudden escape from class may be just part of separation anxiety, especially in kindergarten pupils. It is also important not to rush the processes. That's why the adjustment period is a big part for children to gradually become comfortable with changes in their habits.

Watch the full video of two teachers chasing a young student on the road.

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