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Showing posts with label teacher. Show all posts
Dating 'Sumisisid Ng Barya Sa Pier Noon' Isang Master's Degree Holder Na Ngayon
Teacher on viral TikTok video under probe over 'potential child abuse action'
Teacher creates more honey dripping art, and we can feel the gummy
Teacher sacked for posting pictures of young boy forced to smell his feet
Teacher inspired by 'Birdbox' movie asks students to wear blindfolds during recitations go viral
Sorsogon teacher carries blackboard to conduct house-to-house classes
Myanmar woman does her aerobics amid coup goes viral
Woman shares rare photo of her dad spending the remaining days of his life finalizing the grades of his students before he died
Aklan school Principal who went viral for his hardwork and dedication deserves social media recognition
Sidewalk vendor helps student to their English homework was praised by netizens

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