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Despite the news about the violence involving the teachers since classes opened in public schools last August 22, there are teachers who still bring joy to millions of students.

One of them was a teacher who shared good vibes with the students before the class started.

Meet the teacher, Sir Ariel Casimero Grijaldo Jr. who is from Lapu-Lapu Cebu and is now viral on social media because of his unique energizer in his class.

Sir Ariel Casimero Grijaldo Jr. Facebook Page

The said teacher asked the students if they were tired during their music class because of their all-day class.

Therefore, to reduce the exhaustion of the students, Sir Ariel taught the students self-defense called 'karate'.

In the beginning, sir Ariel taught the students some defense until it was accompanied by a song.

The students laughed because they thought they were doing serious self-defense, but there was a plot twist because the music was a children's song called 'I Have Two Hands'.

Many students and netizens were amazed by the teacher's strategy in his class. The video was uploaded by sir Ariel's Facebook page. The said video gained reactions and comments from the netizen. 

Sir Ariel wants to share good vibes with his student. 

Recently, the said teacher and his students went viral because of their group's TikTok video.

Watch the video here:

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