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A six-year-old boy amazed the netizens in plaza Cebu during the city's week-long activities for the celebration of Carcar City's Charter day because he sell incredible stuff. 

The adorable little entrepreneur in the viral post was Kainoa Navales who wanted to sell toys to earn money. It was the boy's idea to sell his toys that no longer spark his joy.

According to Kiram Navales, the mother of the said boy, her son is selling toys in the plaza because he wants to buy a new toy.

"Why was he selling toys? It all started when he was asking for a new toy." Kiram said in her post.

Kiram said Kainoa has still a bunch of toys at home after donating 2 boxes of toys during the Odette. She added, his son was so blessed to have generous grandparents, uncles, aunties, and friends who gifted him throughout the year.

The mother expressed that they teach Kainoa the principle of self-reliance and it encourages his son to think of different ways to get the toy he wanted. It was really a brilliant idea when Kainoa came up with a plan of selling his toys as he couldn't work because he thinks that he is still young.

"bata pa man ko dad di ko ka work," Kiram narrated his son's thoughts.


"It took weeks of planning our schedule and reviewing the basic mathematical operation. I instructed him that he would be left alone and I would only be at about a good distance where I can see and hear him," said the mother. 

She added, "It was a very wonderful experience for him. He had the days nga kusog halin and days where he just wanted to go home because the sales was slow."

After four days of selling his toys, Kainoa earned P600. The six-year-old boy wanted to buy a nerf gun and ended up buying a fish toy with fish.

Kiram would like to thank everyone who bought and supported his son to have a wonderful experience as part of his learning about self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

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