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A Thai tourist became a victim of alleged stealing by NAIA's security screening personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). In a video that went viral on social media showed a departing Thai tourist who passed through a screening officer left unnoticed that he got stolen.
Thanks for his companion who have captured the incident,   showing a lady officer putting the money to the pocket of another personnel. According to reports the money are worth ¥20,000 or approximately P8,000.

On a separate video shows the tourist asking the staff to return the money which was taken from him. Then, a lady officer was seen returning the money to the victim.  A female officer then could be heard asking to delete the video.

According to OTS officials, four of the screening officers were job order personnel just hired last year. Another one is a contractual employee who have been working for five years.
The OTS personnel involved will face criminal charges.

"These illegal acts will not be tolerated and we will apply the full force of the law to penalize the perpetrators," the Department of Transportation said a statement.
Added that the OTS personnel "shall not only be dismissed from the service but shall also be put behind bars for their criminal acts that tarnish the reputation and integrity not only of OTS but the entire country in general."

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