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 Ben&Ben entered another time in their career with a melody about transforming uncertainty into conviction.

The nine-member band dropped new single "Could Be Something" and a video execution of it on real time streaming platforms to be launched on Friday, June 30.



“We hope this song helps you grow, as it has helped us grow too,” the band said in a sample lyrics from its newest song.


In a proclamation, that's what Ben&Ben shared "Could Be Something" discusses the ignored stage before an individual goes out on a limb.

It communicates the engaging snapshots of overthinking and over-handling things before the leap.

'Could Be Something' is a melody about transforming uncertainty into conviction, they said in one of the gathering.

It's the recovery of trust in the wake of being trapped in an extremely negative spot. It's the inclination you get in the wake of meeting somebody who unexplainably causes you to put stock in adoration once more, or tracking down another energy that sparkles life in you. 

In a meeting, Paolo Benjamin, one of the performers, additionally reviewed the time they understood for this melody.



He shared that it was a message from an up to fan him and Miguel to say thanks to them for having confidence in affection once more.

"Dati hindi ako naniniwala sa pag-ibig pero napaniwala niyo ko sa pag-ibig," Paolo cited this fan. Ben&Ben's fandom is called Liwanag. 



Up to this point, it was uncovered that they will start off the visit in London, Britain. They will likewise organize shows in Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney and Dubai.

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