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 Amidst a routine colonoscopy, doctors in Missouri, USA, stumbled upon an unexpected discovery - a fully intact fly residing within the intestines of a 63-year-old male patient. 


Dr. Matthew Bechtold, Chief of Gastroenterology at the University of Missouri, recounted the perplexing case, stating that the insect was found in the patient's transverse colon, situated at the top of the large intestine.

The patient, according to The Independent's report, had strictly adhered to a clear liquid diet leading up to the procedure. He did recall consuming pizza and lettuce two days prior, but couldn't recall any fly encounters. Intriguingly, he exhibited no symptoms suggestive of fly ingestion.

The route of the fly's entry remains a mystery, but experts speculate that it might have been consumed on the lettuce or another vegetable.

"If it entered from the top, one would assume that the upper digestive enzymes and stomach acid would have disintegrated the fly," Dr. Bechtold explained. "However, the fly was intact, diminishing the likelihood of this hypothesis."

In the event of entry from the bottom, the fly would have had to navigate undetected into the colon and subsequently maneuver to the middle of the organ, "all in the darkness of a very curvy large intestine," Dr. Bechtold continued.

"This too seems unlikely," Dr. Bechtold added. "We remain uncertain how the fly managed to occupy that particular spot in the colon, rendering it an exceptional finding during colonoscopy."

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