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Actor Elijah Canlas confirmed in a recent interview that he and his girlfriend of over a year, Miles Ocampo, have broken up. The couple amicably decided to go their separate ways a few months ago.

"We're okay. We're not mad at each other," Elijah shared when asked about his relationship status. However, when directly asked if they were still together, he revealed, "Sadly, no. We broke up a couple of months ago."

Despite their split, Elijah expressed his unwavering support for Miles. "I'm always gonna have love for her. I'm always gonna support her in whatever she does. I'm always gonna be her number one fan basically," he declared.

Elijah explained that their breakup was a result of them both going through personal challenges. "Mainly because we're going through our personal stuff so it's been hard. So we're figuring things out," he explained.

Elijah and Miles first went public with their relationship in May 2022, having started dating a year prior. They kept their relationship private, with Elijah revealing that he wasn't comfortable sharing much on social media. He acknowledged Miles as being more comfortable with social media and praised her for handling their privacy.

Earlier this year, Miles underwent thyroid surgery to address her papillary thyroid carcinoma. She shared that her condition caused her to gain weight, and Elijah was a part of her support system during that difficult time.

In August 2023, Elijah faced a personal tragedy when his 17-year-old brother, JM Canlas, passed away unexpectedly.

Before their personal challenges came out, the couple was part of Netflix Philippines' first Christmas station ID in September. Elijah starred in the Netflix original film "Keys To The Heart," and Miles led the cast of the Netflix film "Missed Connections."

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