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Kylie Verzosa Finds Love Outside Showbiz

 Kylie Verzosa Finds Happiness in Private Relationship with Non-Filipino Partner

Actress Kylie Verzosa has revealed that she is currently in a happy relationship with someone outside of the showbiz industry. During an interview with ABS-CBN News, Verzosa disclosed, "Yeah, I am dating someone. Non-showbiz. I am so happy. Honestly, I want to keep it private this time. It's a private relationship. And it is really, really peaceful."

Verzosa shared that her partner is not Filipino and expressed her contentment with their relationship, stating, "Siguro when I would want to show it, I will. But for now I am so happy."

While her personal life is blossoming, Verzosa's career is also flourishing. This December, she will be starring in the Metro Manila Film Festival entry "Penduko" alongside Matteo Guidicelli. "I am Liway. I am basically Matteo's best friend, parang teammate. This is my second [MMFF]. This time, I have a big role. I am support to Matteo," she shared.

Verzosa also opened up about her recent frequent travels abroad, explaining, "I just got back from Singapore, brands keep on getting me from there, or like in Thailand, and in Dubai also so parang there are more work opportunities for me abroad and I just take it."

She emphasized the enriching experiences she gains through traveling, stating, "When I travel I get to parang the world widens for me and I see there is so much more opportunities out there and so much learnings. I learn so much, I meet new friends, I learn from the people, it widens your scope, it makes you wiser, it makes you smarter, so much more inputs. I love it."

When asked about her holiday plans, Verzosa revealed, "I wanted to fly all the way to Costa Rica or something but my family wants to take a family cruise so I decided to go with my family and be with my grandma so we are going to take an Asian cruise all around Asia."

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