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A photo of Kathryn Bernardo displayed on a church screen has sparked online discussions amidst rumors surrounding the actress's relationship status

 A photo uploaded by a netizen from Surigao has gone viral, showing an image of actress Kathryn Bernardo displayed on a church screen.



The unexpected appearance of Bernardo's image within a religious setting has prompted various reactions online, particularly given the recent speculations about a possible breakup between Bernardo and her long-time boyfriend, Daniel Padilla.


Photo: Anne Sulima Rezani (Facebook)

 Amidst Breakup Rumors, Daniel Padilla's Mother Denies Any Split with Kathryn Bernardo

The love story of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, affectionately known as "KathNiel," has captivated Filipino audiences for over a decade. Their relationship has weathered countless storms and remains one of the most celebrated in the Philippine entertainment industry. However, recent rumors of a breakup have sent shockwaves through their devoted fan base.

These speculations gained momentum following comments made by showbiz journalist Cristy Fermin, who claimed that Daniel and Kathryn had indeed parted ways. Fermin further alleged that Daniel's mother, Karla Estrada, had confirmed the breakup to a close friend. However, Karla has vehemently denied these claims, asserting that she would never intrude upon the personal lives of her children.

In a statement posted on her official Facebook page, Karla firmly declared, "Ito po ay walang katotohanan." (This is not true.)

She further emphasized her unwavering respect for her children's privacy, stating, "Kailan man ay hindi ko pang hihimasukan o pangungunahan ang personal na buhay ng mga anak ko." (I will never interfere or intervene in the personal lives of my children.)


Karla's denial has brought a wave of relief to KathNiel fans, who have been eagerly awaiting any updates on their relationship status. The couple's enduring bond has captured the hearts of millions, making them one of the most beloved and admired duos in the Philippines.

Despite the unsettling breakup rumors, Karla's assertive declaration offers a beacon of hope for KathNiel fans. Their unwavering support will undoubtedly continue to serve as a testament to their unwavering belief in the couple's enduring love story.

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