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Vice Ganda and Paolo Ballesteros Unite in McDonald's "Share The Love" Commercial

 In a surprising and heartwarming twist, two of the Philippines' most beloved LGBTQIA+ icons, Vice Ganda and Paolo Ballesteros, have joined forces in McDonald's new "Share The Love" commercial. 


The one-minute video, which has gone viral since its release at noon today, Nov. 27, showcases the playful chemistry between the two award-winning hosts as they share a tender moment over a box of McDonald's fried chicken.



The commercial opens with Vice Ganda arriving at a McDonald's branch, clutching a box of the chain's signature fried chicken. He takes a seat across from Paolo Ballesteros, and the two engage in a lighthearted exchange that subtly references their respective noontime shows.

"Nice! Ganda!" Vice exclaims as he snaps a photo of the fried chicken.

"Perfect for the Madlang People," Vice adds, referring to the audience of his show, "It's Showtime."


Paolo Ballesteros, host of the rival show "Eat Bulaga," playfully counters, "Even better para sa mga Dabarkads. Let's E.A.T.!"

The commercial serves as a spin-off from Vice Ganda's previous McDonald's ad, released on October 27, which also featured the hashtag #NiceGanda. Both commercials effectively promote the chain's fried chicken while simultaneously showcasing the undeniable charisma and camaraderie between Vice Ganda and Paolo Ballesteros.

Fans have taken to social media to express their delight at the unexpected collaboration, praising it as "priceless" and "a dream come true." The sight of these two beloved personalities sharing the screen has undoubtedly captured the hearts of many, further cementing their status as LGBTQIA+ icons in the Philippines.

In a statement accompanying the commercial's release, McDonald's Philippines expressed their hope that the video would encourage viewers to "share the love" with their friends and family, just as Vice Ganda and Paolo Ballesteros do in the ad. The commercial has certainly achieved its goal, sparking a wave of positive reactions and solidifying the bond between these two talented entertainers.

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