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Bubble Tea Fan's Sweet Tooth Turns Sour: 20-Year-Old Undergoes Surgery to Remove 300+ Kidney Stones

 A 20-year-old Taiwanese woman with a penchant for bubble tea and a distaste for water found herself in the operating room after doctors discovered over 300 kidney stones lurking in her right kidney.

Xiao Yu, as the hospital identified her, landed in a Tainan hospital with a fever and excruciating lower back pain. An ultrasound revealed the culprit: a swollen, stone-filled kidney.

Doctors described the stones, ranging from pellet-sized to peanut-sized, as "small steamed buns." They treated Xiao Yu with antibiotics, drained the fluid from her kidney, and then meticulously removed the unwelcome guests through surgery.

While kidney stones typically plague patients between 50 and 60, Xiao Yu's case stood out. Dr. Lim Chye-yang, the urologist who performed the surgery, pointed the finger at her bubble tea habit: "She has a preference for bubble tea over water, which is unusual for someone with kidney stones."


Genetics, chronic diseases, and diets high in calcium and protein are the usual suspects behind stone formation, but Xiao Yu's sugary beverage choice added a new twist.

Lim also noted that in Taiwan, men are three times more likely than women to develop kidney stones, with 9.6% of the population facing this painful condition at some point.

Xiao Yu's story serves as a sweet-and-sour reminder that our dietary choices can have unexpected consequences. While bubble tea may be a delightful treat, staying hydrated with plain water is crucial for kidney health.

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