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Facebook Messenger Gets Major Upgrade with End-to-End Encryption and New Features

 Facebook Messenger is getting a major upgrade, with end-to-end encryption now enabled by default for all users. This means that only you and the person you're messaging can see the contents of your conversations, not even Meta itself.

End-to-End Encryption:

  •     Messages are protected from the moment they leave your device to the moment they reach the receiver's device.
  •     Not even Meta can access the content of your messages, unless a user reports a message to them.
  •     Rollout will be gradual and may take several months to complete globally.
  •     Users will be prompted to set up a PIN for message recovery after the upgrade.

New Features:

  •     HD media sharing is in development and will be rolled out soon.
  •     Edit messages within 15 minutes after sending.
  •     Play voice messages at 2x speed.
  •     Control read receipts.
  •     Disappearing messages for end-to-end encrypted chats that last up to 24 hours.
  •     App will notify you if someone screenshots a disappearing message.

Biggest Improvement Yet:


    Loredana Crisan, Head of Messenger, calls this "the biggest set of improvements to Messenger since it was first launched in 2011."

    Meta built the end-to-end encryption on strong cryptographic principles.

This update brings Messenger a step closer to offering the same level of privacy and security as other popular messaging apps. With its new features and user-friendly interface, Messenger is poised to remain a top choice for communication.

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