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Bacolod Makes Waves with Inaugural Watersports Festival

 The beautiful city of Bacolod is diving headfirst into summer with the launch of its first-ever Bacolod Watersports Festival. This month-long extravaganza, kicking off on March 15th, 2024, promises to be a haven for water sports enthusiasts and a significant boost to the city's tourism scene.


Held at the picturesque Bacolod Baywalk Recreational Park, the festival boasts a jam-packed schedule spread over 24 days. Participants can choose from a thrilling array of water-based activities, from the heart-pounding competition of traditional bancarera boat races to the more leisurely pursuits of kayaking and beach volleyball. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or simply seeking a day of fun in the sun, the Bacolod Watersports Festival has something to offer everyone.


Beyond the sheer entertainment value, the festival holds a deeper purpose. Organizers, the homegrown Almana Group, aim to leverage the event to propel Bacolod's tourism industry forward. This surge in tourism is expected to contribute significantly to the city's economic development, aligning perfectly with Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez's ambitious vision for Bacolod – a thriving "super city."


The festival's commitment to inclusivity is evident in the confirmed participation of international teams. Competitors from Siargao, Banate, Bohol, Boracay, Capiz, Cebu, and even Malaysia are gearing up to challenge local talents in the exciting bancarera race. This international presence promises to elevate the level of competition and showcase the spirit of friendly rivalry.


Safety remains a top priority for the organizers. Close collaboration with the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine National Police-Maritime Group, Bacolod City Police Office, and other concerned agencies ensures a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants and spectators.


The grand finale on April 28th promises to be a spectacular culmination of the month-long festivities. The closing ceremony will be capped by a vibrant celebration dubbed "Coachella By The Bay," complete with a dazzling fireworks display to light up the night sky.


Mark your calendars, water enthusiasts and festival lovers! The Bacolod Watersports Festival is poised to become a highlight of the summer season. Get ready for an exciting adventure filled with exhilarating competition, cultural exchange, and unforgettable memories under the Bacolod sunshine.

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