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Wave to Earth Makes a Splash in Manila: A Captivating Live Performance

Korean indie pop trio Wave to Earth, determined to "make a new wave across the world," brought their "The First Era Tour" to Manila's New Frontier Theater on March 11th. 


True to their DIY spirit, these self-proclaimed musical architects write, produce, and design everything themselves. Their sound? Think lo-fi bedroom pop with jazzy and synth flourishes.


The venue buzzed with excitement as their devoted fans, the "Planktons" (a nod to their song "surf"), filled the seats. Wave to Earth's signature chill vibes transformed into a dynamic live experience. 


Joined by session musicians Jeonmin on saxophone and Jo Junggeun on keyboards, the band's sound became a captivating symphony of cheerful melodies, tight jazz beats, and an electrifying energy.


The crowd erupted as the opening notes of "Bad" filled the air, their enthusiastic singing nearly drowning out vocalist/guitarist Daniel Kim. The setlist weaved seamlessly between mellow tracks like "peach eyes and sunny days" and jazzy numbers like "nouvelle vague" and "sunburn." Drummer Shin Donggyu and saxophonist Jeonmin traded dazzling solos, while bassist John Cha took center stage for his own composition, "evening glow."


New Frontier Theater

The concert doubled as a birthday celebration for Jeonmin and an upcoming one for Daniel. The crowd serenaded them with "Happy Birthday" as Jeonmin received a cake from the staff.


The two-hour show was a delightful push and pull between slow dance-worthy ballads and head-banging anthems. The crowd went wild when the unmistakable intro to "bonfire and love." For "surf," John playfully solicited the audience's help in filling out some song lyrics, a fun moment that solidified the special connection between the band and their fans.


Witnessing Wave to Earth live elevates their music to a whole new level. Their undeniable onstage chemistry is magnetic. Daniel's soaring vocals, Donggyu's full-body drumming, John's groovy basslines, all perfectly complementing a passionate sing-along from the audience. Their dream of creating a new musical wave might just become reality.


The encore saw the crowd chanting for their TikTok hit, "seasons," which roared through the venue like a welcome storm. A fitting closer, "light," brought the concert to a perfect end.

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