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China is expected to donate high speed boat to the Philippines

China to provide fast attack boat to the Philippines as part of the Chinese security assistance provided to the Philippine government.

This is not the real photo but maxdefense is expected to be somehow similar to the high speed boat made in China for law enforcement agencies.

Based on the report, Chinese security has grant worth around USD$14.4 million which is composed of sniper rifles, fast boats and rocket propelled grenades, although there were also previous statement including drones, force protection equipment and other defense items as the maxdefense Philippines reported.

China had been delivered the first part of the security aid last June, composed of 3,000 Norinco CQ-A5 5.56 x 45mm semi-automatic carbines, and 90 sniper rifles shared between the Norinco Type 85 rifles and around 5,000,000 assorted ammunition. 

The report added that this is not the first time that China provides aid to the Philippine security forces, it started donating several construction equipment to the AFP during Pres.Arroyo's term.

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