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She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 4, graduated Visual Arts and Design

Most of us have done listening or reading to an inspiring stories, to people with disabilities and strive to reach for their goal. Now, another inspiring story from Christine Mae Cipriano who graduated major in Fine Arts and it was diagnosed with Autism Apectrum Disorder at age 4. 

Autism is deemed a “lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with an relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them.” Autism is, sadly, a fast-growing developmental disability and could be detected as early as 18 months, according to National Autistic Society.

Below is here story shared in her Facebook Page.

At age 4, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Who knew that a regular child, born fresh into the world, could attain the chances of having ASD? My parents wouldn't have expected it, seeing that all their hopes for their second child was dashed all by something uncontrollable.

My parents had to bring me for check ups to a different city every weekend traveling an eight hour journey to and from home. I attended regular class setting in the morning and SpEd class in the afternoon from pre-school to highschool.

Like everybody who is graduating from high school, you have your dream school. I took the entrance exam and passed however, I was denied because of my 'condition'. It was hard for me to accept that this kind of discrimination happened to me.

Ma, Pa, thank you for being my number 1 supports. Without you, I wouldn't have gotten the Best in Thesis award. For the apple banana dramas every month and the crying for no reason at times. Malit abi ako.

To my sisters, you know me better than myself. You have become my pillars and advisers in my decision making.

To my family and friends from IJA, KSLF and St. Scholastica's College, you have been a part of my journey. You have seen me panic and cry, you guys helped me in calming down and especially when I fractured my ankle during our 4th year in highschool.

To my doctors and teachers, without your interventions and guidance, life would have been much harder to navigate. Thank you for molding me to who I am today.

Christine Mae Cipriano
Bachelor in Fine Arts
Major in Visual Arts and Design

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