Filipinos Earning US$1 An Hour For Cleaning Sex Abuse, Violent Content On Facebook - Documentary Revealed

Why some of your posts in social media disappeared? Despite of technology advancement in content algorithms, social media platforms apparently still make use of the traditional way of cleaning content from their feeds.

Around 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube, 450, 000 tweets are released on Twitter and 2.5 million posts are made on Facebook every minute, said in the hot Documentary 2018 titled "The Cleaners."

Five years ago, the directors were shocked to come across a video of a young girl being sexually assaulted by an elderly man on Facebook. It was shared 16,000 times before it was removed. They started asking themselves  - how are these videos deleted? By computer algorithm or people?

According to the documentary "The Cleaners" by German filmmakers Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck, a dedicated teams from the Philippines are hired by outsourcing companies task to make their own judgements about the content uploaded by the people around the world in  social media every minute. They are reportedly on the look out of graphic images like child sexual abuse, terrorist attacks and other violent acts.

"For most of them, it's a job they are proud of. You have to consider many people have jobs that are much less prestigious than working in such nice looking buildings in one of the best parts of Manila," Riesewieck said in an interview.

 The documentary revealed that the operation in the Philippines, where workers are paid $1 to $3 per hour to keep social media clean.

The Cleaners will be the closing film for the 8th Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, an annual event organised by the Amnesty International Hong Kong. Seven films will be screened from 26 September to 4 October.


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