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Kylie Padilla Breastfeeding Session Photo In Comfort Room Praised By Netizens

Shout-out to all the moms who did this in public for their kids!

A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. Just like a photo posted by the actress Kylie Padilla recently has put a spotlight on a struggle every mom faces while in public places, "No plans on stopping anytime soon," Padilla quoted in her Instagram post.

In the photo she posted on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, it could be seen Padilla seating in a toilet bowl while giving breast feed to her child.

Netizens lauded the actress effort to continue breastfeeding her child, in fact as of the posting the photo garnered 10K shares, 872 comments and 19K emotions.

Nothing's perfect in these world, while reading some comments it could be read some netizens criticized the actress for feeding her son in a restroom.

One Facebook user named Niña Palarion said: "Breast feeding is like eating meal bat sa cr pah! Haaay. Kawawa anak nya pinakain sa loob ng cr. tskk!!!"

To balance the world of comments, at least there are some appreciated the mother's effort and defend Padilla from negative comments.

The Philippines is expanding its promotions of breastfeeding under the Republic Act No. 10028, mandating all facilities to have a lactating centers readily available for breastfeeding mother. Lactation station must be private, clean, sanitary, and well-ventilated rooms or areas in the workplaces or public places where nursing mothers can wash up, breastfeed or express their milk comfortably and store this afterward.

Despite this law, still many public places in the Philippines don't have proper nursing station for the breastfeeding mother.


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