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Meet Beni the Shiaba Inu dog that could speak Japanese words

According to experts our pet birds are the most intelligent creatures alive, especially in learning to speak words like humans. But this story that I found out in Twitter is a bit remarkable for a dog who knows how to spoke some Japanese words.

In a clip shared in Twitter account @a_t_k123 could be heard Beni the Shiba Inu dog imitating his master. Apparently, Beni had managed to say some Japanese words following his master, taberu meaning,  "to eat" in Japanese, hanbagu, which means "hamburger steaks." 

When it comes to languages, Japanese is one of the most difficult language to learn and probably a thumbs up to Beni for such impressive vocabulary as seen in this video.

Beni's talent to speak is not only his best kink but also with his best winks.

He love some pictorial with his friends.

When he's afraid of water, still he looks adorable.


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