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Rico J. Puno dies at 65, celebrities Tweeted condolences to the hitmaker's families

Rico J. Puno,the legendary hitmaker in the Philippine music industry died on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. The singer died of cardiac arrest at the age of 65.

The death was confirmed by sister-in-law, Anna Puno in her Instagram account.

 " I am seized with deep emotional shock when I found out that out OPM King - Kuya Rico J. Puno has passed away this morning (manila time).

"Numbed with grief, I would like to call on all entertainers in the OPM Industry as well as his worldwide fans to stop fro a moment and say a prayer to one of the most respected singers in the country. 

" I cannot help but say it was serendipitous that Starmedia prepared a solo 40th Anniversary concert for him and a US tour with the OPM stalwarts and colleagues just recently.

"Little did I know that this is his Final Bow in the live entertainment world.

"We will forever miss the TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT... but his songs will forever cherish in our hearts."

Puno had undergone an open heart surgery in 2015 and underwent angioplasty last December 2017.

Numerous celebrities were saddened about the news and they took to social media as they shared condolences to the families of the late music icon Rico J. Puno.


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