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Travel to Baguio with this more Comfy and High Tech Bus

Traveling opens a new world of adventures that reveals our strength and brings us happiness. It also let us explore the wondrous of this world. Watching the views, exploring the landmarks or spots of the place, tasting the finest delicacies, learning the culture and talking to someone with a grateful heart are the greatest things we can do when we travel. When traveling it helps us finds and keeps humility.

However, when traveling from one place to another, it is important to know how we can get into our destination.  Most of the travelers choose comfortable transportation that drives them safely into their destination.

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If you have some plans to travel to other places most especially in Baguio City. Don’t miss the chance to travel with Joybus heading to Baguio. It’s a kind of bus way better than any other deluxe buses. Genesis Transportation has launched their Joybus Premiere Class Bus that will take you to the City of Pines in an estimated time -4 hours.

Just like riding a plane it gives you more comfort as it gives you the following:

More space for your legs.

Warm blankets if it’s very cold inside and if you want to sleep like in your bed.

An entertainment for playing games, reading news, watching movies, and listening to music.

It comes with a USB port so you can charge your cellular phones.

Comfort Room


It’s a WIFI zone, so you can enjoy your trip while browsing your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and more.

It has CCTV for the safety of the travelers.

It has a tray table and a cup holder so you can eat your meal or snack properly.

It gives FREE biscuits and bottled drink.

Bus attendant to assist you with your concerns.

Is it amazing to ride in this kind of bus? What are you waiting for, book now. Below are the list to check out their terminals, schedules and fares.

(schedules and fares are subject to change without prior notice)-Genesis Transport


Pasay terminal is located EDSA Corner Rotonda Street 1300 Pasay City. Riding this high tech bus range to Php 730, which can be considered a good deal for your comfort going to Baguio.

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