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Woman buys 27,500$ Volkswagen with 66 bags of coins

Don't ever under estimate the power of your penny. Store employees at a car dealership in China couldn't say no to a customer who wanted to buy a Volkswagen Passat. The customer from Cangzhou city, Hebei province brought them 66 bags full of coins to pay for her brand new car after placing her order for 190,000 yuan around (27,500 USD).

Video from the shop on Saturday shows a dozen of employees squatting on the floor and one-by-one sorting the mountain of pennies, which amounted to around 130,000 yuan (18,800 USD), according to the Dailymail report.

Atleast 17 workers spent three days counting manually the change, according to the car dealership manager Mr. Jiao. 

Source: Dailymail

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