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Miley Cyrus To Rest Her Voice After Surgery

In an Instagram post on mileyofficial a photo of a singer can be seen lying on a bed with flowers with a caption "Miley recently undergone  vocal chord surgery following an issue found when she was hospitalized for tonsillitis last month. It's reported that it will require weeks of silence to recover. Get well soon MC". 
         Photo Credit: MileyOfficial Instagram
Just a month ago Miley revealed in her Instagram stories that she had been admitted to a local hospital in order to get treated. 

She showed her hospital gown and wrote for a quick recovery in order to attend Gorillapalooza with Ellen to raise money for global conservation effort. 

A slide way singer is now on her recovery after she undergo vocal chord surgery after she had her tonsillitis in October. 

It is part of her recovery to get rest of her voice for several weeks while her vocal chords heal. This means that the singer has to put on hold her recording and performances. 

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