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St. Luke's Nurse Treating Coronavirus Patients Shares How Hard It Is With A Heartbreaking Pic

From nurse to Person Under Investigation (PUI)!

Filipino nurse Sheen Oreo Flores is showing the world just how dedicated she and all the people in the frontlines saving the life of the coronavirus patients. 

       Source: Sheen Oreo Flores / Facebook

The young nurse posted about the reality of working during the COVID-19 pandemic: how mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting it is.

Sheen's post was immensely popular, getting over 10K shares and 33K emotions on Facebook. Social media users expressed their support for the nurse and for everyone in the Philippines  on the frontlines in the battle against the virus.

The sad reality is Sheen is now among the persons under investigation (PUI) after staying most of her life at the hospital during the COVID-19 outbreak. According to her despite all the tiredness and they missed their home with family in a call of duty they decided not to go home as they are scared that they might bring home the virus.

      Source: Sheen Oreo Flores / Facebook

Now she's waiting until her quarantine period is over, in hoping that no severe signs and symptoms will come out. After this phase, she will go back again to the battlefield and continue her mission to heal the sick. 

"This is just one of the risks that we are facing everyday as frontliners. We may be unappreciated, uncompensated, called as "room nurses," "katulong ng mga doctor, but we will stand committed to our pledge. We work not because we are paid to do so, but because we are healthcare providers and we are all instrument of healing," Sheen said.

Meanwhile, the Philippines placed half the country, about 50 million people, under an "enhanced community quarantine" in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

Luzon, the Philippines' largest and most populous island that includes the capital Manila, has effectively been locked down. All mass public transportation has been suspended, and residents told they can only leave their homes for essential items.

As of 17 March, the total COVID-19 cases in the Philippines stand at 187.

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