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This Filipino sari-sari store social distancing idea went viral

By now, Filipinos are well aware they should be practising social distancing amid the new coronavirus pandemic. This idea is a hope that by limiting interaction with others will eventually, ideally help end the transmission of the virus.

Despite the recent challenges that the world is facing right now, still there are few people that are spreading good vibes. 

This sari-sari store has recently drew praise and made a good laugh online for practising social distancing to their costumers. 

The store was located somewhere in Cagayan De Oro City in Mindanao has gone viral for its unique idea. So that everyone would be safe for COVID-19, this store accept costumers while the gate are closed. 

Using a single rope, the owner hung a bucket with a string both end, so that they could pull the string back and forth while delivering the transaction's made both with the store owner and the customer.

As of this posting the video earned over 6.1 million views and 204K shares.

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