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Elderly Man Giving His Wife A Piggyback Ride Across A Busy Street Will Make You Cry

If you don't believe in true love, then this photo might ever change your mind. 

This photo of an elderly couple who took a piggyback ride for his woman is perfectly demonstrate true love, and a proof that true love really exists.

The series of photos were taken at an intersection in Beijing's busy Daxing District gone viral. The Shanghaiist reported that the couple had been walking along the crowded sidewalk, but when they reached to cross a muti-lane street, the woman's legs went weary - so her husband decided to lift her up and gave her a piggyback ride.

The photo melt the hearts of many netizens, according to one commenter said: "Their love can not be surpassed. It is built up over time like a mountain."

Other comment said, "When I get that old, I hope I will have someone that loves me that much."

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