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6-year-old boy launches own business during lockdown vows to become a millionaire one day

Alfie Bradley, a six year-old boy, is Britain's youngest entrepreneur who's determined and optimistic that one day he will become a millionaire. 

Nothing can stop to this little lad as he recently launched his own garden and maintenance firm, Alfred's Cutting Services.

His business is now making rounds on social media as he maintains a Facebook Page where clients can contact him. In just a few months he already bought a new lawn mower, a trimmer and a water jet so he can offer additional services.

According to reports, Alfred's Grass Cutting Services was established during the lockdown. Sports with complete company uniform and personal protective equipment, Bradley who has battled a severe speech disorder is now earning from his hardwork. He saves and then uses it to grow his business further.

Of course being to young in the field, he ask the help of his father Anthony. However, his family said that the boy does all the work on his own and put all the decisions for his business.

“There’s no stopping him. He’s like a mini Richard Branson, He’s always on his feet doing something so lockdown really restricted him from doing things outside of our home,” His mum Amy said.

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