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Flight attendant turns to food business, sell fishballs while flights are grounded

Airline companies are among the hardest hit by the outbreak that forces many crew to think more than  their ability to survive as more flights are grounded.

Lorrie May Parungao, a flight attendant of Pan Pacific Airlines used to spend her time flying above the clouds but those exciting days have given way to a more modest job. She start her humble business by selling fish balls and refreshments to cope her expenses being a breadwinner of the family.

      Photo credit: Flyhigh Manila / Facebook
Despite her status right now is far from what she have before the pandemic, she said 'nothing can stop her from continuing to look and provide the best for her family'.

"Fishball business muna habang lockdown, ito ang bagay na ng buhay sa aking paglalakbay patungo sa pagiging F.A. Maramaing salamat sa Aking mga magulang na akoy inying minulat sa maraming kasanayan sa buhay na aking madadala saan man at kailan man," she said in Flyhigh Manila Facebook page.

Photo credit: May Prngao / Facebook
Proud from her humble beginning, "from a simple family vendor and a farm earning family, di ko kailanman ito Ipag-kakaila. Hanap buhay parin para sa pamilya at pinaka mamahal na anak," she added.

Months ago, more airline companies decided to cut jobs to hundreds of its workers as it manages a cash crunch caused by the health crisis.

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