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FM station owner accused of hurting Ivana Alawi's sister arrested

Recently, Ivana Alawis mom went to Raffy Tulfo to seek his help for her daughter which was allegedly hurt and neglected by her boyfriend, Willie Asuncion. According to mommy Alawi's complaint, the man has refused to give financial support for his child and her daughter Amira has suffered abused from Asuncion. 

In an update to the complaint of mommy Alawi, Raffy Tulfo said that the FM radio station owner named Willie Asuncion is now in the custody of CIDG. He also revealed that Asuncion has an outstanding warrant for large scale Estafa from a foreigner.

According to the foreigner during a live interview with Rafyy Tulfo, he trusted Mr. Asuncion to purchase a land where he gave around P50 million. 

However, he later learned that the property have cost only around P15 to P20 million. Then he started searching to Mr. Asuncion  for more than five years and finally in a fortunate time he saw Mr. Asuncion through a complaint of mommy Alawi that lead to his arrest.

The entrapment operation has been executed after the operatives learned that the suspect wanted to see Mr. Tulfo.

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